Shop Till You Drop, Get The Palms Shopping Mall Voucher

Introducing the Palms Shopping Mall Gift Vouchers

The Palms now offers vouchers for purchases. You can buy vouchers for loved ones so they come at a later date to spend them at the shopping centre.


  • Gift Vouchers may not be redeemed for cash.

  • Gift Vouchers expire 12 months after date of issue.

  • Gift Vouchers may be redeemed only at The Palms Shopping Centre.

  • Damaged or lost Gift Vouchers cannot be replaced.

  • Change will only be given if 90% of the value of the Gift Voucher is spent.

Vouchers are available in the following denominations:

Get The 10000 Naira Palms Shopping Mall Gift Voucher

The 10000 naira voucher.

Get The 2000 Naira Palms Shopping Mall Gift Voucher

The 2000 naira voucher.

Get The 5000 Naira Palms Shopping Mall Gift Voucher

The 5000 naira voucher.

Need a Gift Voucher, How to get One

To get the voucher, visit us at the management office in the palms shopping center (Locate on map).

I Have One, Where and How Do I Use The Palms Shopping Gift Voucher

To spend a voucher, visit any of the stores within the mall and purchase up to 90% of the voucher value.