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The Hub Media Store

Shop number: 102/104

Shop Phone: 01-8131268





The HUB Media store provides a unique shopping experience. Its large and spacious well laid out store provides bright and cheerful interiors that encourage customers to stay and browse. Simple innovations such as methodical classifications, clear signage, a dedicated enquiry/orders desk, electronic POS and inventory control systems and attractive displays make looking for  a book or DVD a much more pleasurable experience. A welcoming cafe, internet browsing area and business centre with nearby toilets all help to ensure customers are able to browse in comfort for hours.

The HUB Media store is the first of its kind for the Company and offers the latest in International and Local bestselling books & paperbacks, computer accessories, cameras, music accessories, speakers, music systems, computer games, music instruments, magazines, stationery, educational toys, cards and gift wrap as well. The store carries top INternational brands such as HP, Pioneer, Apple, Panasonic, Cannon, LG, ACer, Dell, Toshiba, APC, Mercury, Sony, Nintendo, Phillips, Blackberry, and many more...